Mack Is Reet is the creation of essential oil blends. I give the blends Mackem names which resonates with peoples feelings and thoughts of why they need the product.


Are Ya Paggered Pet

3 essential oils blended together to aid a restful nights sleep £6.50

nn oil.jpg

Nacky Neck Oil

A popular oil blend for those of ya who has a nacky neck.  Get ya oil, rub it on, feel the benefit. £14.50

giz some balance.jpg

Giz Some Balance

This oil is perfect for those with a lot going on who need to bring a touch of balance in ya life.  £6.50

poorly sick.jpg

Poorly Sick Oil

Fellin git rough?  Get yasel a bottle of this.  Boost the immune system. £6.50

giz a massage.jpg

Giz A Massage Then

Scrap that 'sensual oil', just giz a massage man! £17.50

bangin eed.jpg

Bangin' eed

If you suffer with a bangin' head, this little oil could calm it down. £6.50

gift box.jpg

Gift Set

Speak to us about gift sets and groups of blended oils to help with varied ailments. Prices start from £13

bb oil.jpg

Buggered Back

Do ya have a buggered back?  Then this oil is for you.  Roller ball for easy application. £14.50

giz a break.jpg

Giz a Break

Ah man, do ya feel like it is all too much!  Need a break?  Get this oil on ya skin and sniff.


ger us up.jpg


Do ya struggle to get up and started on a morning?  Well ya could use this oil blend to get ya up. rub, sniff, get ya day going. £6.50

mama love.jpg

Mama Love

Surround yourself with self love with this mama love.  Smells delicious and will wrap you up. £6.50


Achy Hip Hinny

If ya got an achy hip, this oil blend will help ya hinny. £14.50

cramp n change.jpg

It's Aboot t' Change

Menopause?  Keep thre calm and get the blend. £6.50

few oils.jpg

Chill Set

Groups of roller oils to help ya chill and take the breeze of life.  Prices start at £13

feeling toppa.jpg

Im Feeling Toppa

A canny blend of essential oils to help ya feel toppa through the day. £6.50

runners rub.jpg

Runners Rub

A champion blend of essential oils to get the pins going before a run and help ease leg cramps after. £14.50

chill the fuck out.jpg

Chill the fuck out

If life is a tad stressful, then maybe a bit of this blended oil can help you chill.  £6.50

mack like a tree.jpg

Mack Like A Tree

If ya feeling a bit out of sorts and need some grounding :- Mack like a tree. £6.50

dinnet be chewed.jpg

Dinnet Be Chewed

Too much on ya plate?  Dinnet let it get to ya, just dinnet be chewed. £6.50

achin arl owa.jpg

Achin' Arl Owa

What hurts? Arl owa?  This blend can help with that.  Roll on them muscles and let the oils do the work. £14.50

big pic with oils.jpg

Bespoke Packs

Speak to us about creating the best bespoke pack to keep being your best you. Prices start from £14.50